Foreign Object Debris (FOD) awareness training

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) awareness training

Formación FOD foreign object damage


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Foreign object debris (FOD)* is defined as an external object which may or may not degrade the required safety and operational characteristics to an aircraft engine, aircraft system, equipment or tire.

*En aeronáutica se habla de F.O.D. (Foreign Object Debris / Damage), como el daño que pueden producir todos aquellos objetos extraños a las aeronaves, situados en su área de operaciones. Su origen puede deberse al personal que trabaja en la industria (mecánicos, operarios, personal de vuelo, etc), a una inadecuada supervisión (entrega, orden y limpieza, mantenimiento, montaje, ensamblaje, etc) y a otros factores (suciedad, animales, etc).

What you will learn

  • Provide participants with basic knowledge on the F.O.D. (Foreign Object Damage) risks.
  • Be able to identify and master the different Sources. 
  • Allow participants to develop the implementation of Means of combating F.O.D.

Course content

Train now Foreign object debris (FOD), Definition and history. Study of the different sources of F.O.D. (Airport, maintenance center and manufacturing) Accident of Concorde State of the art Studies of the different critical zones on an aircraft, engines, equipment: – Trains – Reactors – Flight controls – Probes. – Cockpit / fuselage etc … Means implemented for the fight against F.O.D. the airports, maintenance centers and manufacture: – Protected areas – Materials, equipment and tools – Neutral controls and positions – Ranges and processes – Awareness Knowledge assessment Meets EASA EU 1321/2014, EN 9100 V2016 requirements and EU 139/2014 ADR latest versions.

Who should attend

Train now Foreign object debris (FOD) should be done by all Personnel working close to aircraft, (runway, Maintenance, safety), or in maintenance workshops and production. Staff responsible in charge of the quality system and SMS

Foreign object debris (FOD)
Curso de Daños por objetos extraños - (FOD)

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