About us

2005 – Our Birth

The company started in France back in 2005, founded by Olivier DAVID who has dual expertise in training processes and information technology.
The initial and main activity was security training delivered both in classic mode, and web-based. BUTTERFLY AERO TRAINING was a pioneer on the French airport environment to deliver web-based online training for airport security.

2009 – Strategical decision

BUTTERFLY AERO TRAINING made a strategical decision by only focusing on web-based training to become the exclusive specialist in this area. No more classic trainings were run from that period and all investment went to web-based E-learning module development. We then did extend the offer to a larger scope of modules in the area of security and safety training in the aviation industry.

2010 – Leader on the French market

We designed a new LMS to provide more features and more training. At this time, Butterfly Aero Training is the market leader in security Training for the airport personnel.

New URL: www.aerotraining.org

New markets: Ireland and Portugal operational activities were launched!

2012 – Two years later

Spain operational activities were launched, new training IATA Air Transport Dangerous Goods (DGR IATA) were released. The company started also to look into strategical ways of course portfolio extension.

2013 – New branding to address the international market

Ongoing international expansion projects took place such as rest of Europe and North American countries.

We created the brand Butterfly Training and started global expansion on the European market and initiated our very first developments with US market.

Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Ireland started operations. Later on, came Poland and Bulgaria.

2016 – Launch US developments Learning platform

US Hazmat 49 CFR compliant courses was launched, in 2017 Butterfly Training developed a US partnership on the US soil based in Washington and obtained an FAAST approval for SUPS – Parts Training.

2017/ 2018 – Expansion continues

Expansion continues with an established US office in Bay County Florida.

UK, Italian, Polish and Bulgarian markets were launched with online country specific Security Awareness Training.

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